DETCOG Helps Evacuee

by Larry Little

When violent storms swept through parts of the nation's southeast this week it brought back grim memories for hurricane Katrina evacuee Anna Williams. "It made me think about all of the trouble I've been through. I lost family members to Katrina and it just made me pray harder for the folks that had to go through what me and my family endured," says Anna Williams.

Anna has been living in East Texas for more than a year now and she has no plans to move back to New Orleans. "My home was destroyed by Katrina and I had no where else to go, but Texas I just came here and this is where I stayed," says Williams.

But Anna no longer is a renter, for months she has been working with a program through the Deep East Texas Council of Governments and she is now a Lufkin homeowner. "Well I'm blessed I'm happy and I thank everybody here in Lufkin for their hospitality, love and kind treatment they gave to me and my family appreciate everything that they've done," says Williams.

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