ATF Agents Called In To Nacogdoches Apartment Complex

Agents from the Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms Bureau were in Nacogdoches Monday morning investigating what was described as suspicious items found in an apartment complex.

Officials say that police were following up on an assault complaint originally reported to SFA University Police shortly after one this morning.  The complaintant claimed his apartment mate assaulted him.  Around four this morning police went to the Lakeview Apartment complex to question the other man. Police then noticed some "interesting items" that prompted them to call in the ATF. The person was taken to a local hospital for a mental evaluation.

A bomb squad from Fort Polk was called as well, but they were later canceled. ATF agents spent the morning in the apartment. A barricade was set up around the apartment unit, and some residents were asked to evacuate.

As of about 8:45 this morning, the barricade was lifted except for the apartment unit in question.

After obtaining a search warrant a more thorough search was made. According to Sgt Greg Sowell enough components were found to assemble several explosive devices. Also, marajuana and mushrooms were found growing in a closet under a grow light. The ATF will handle the explosive investgation, while NPD will followup on the drug investigation. As of noon no arrests had been made.

Neighbors know little about the man under question, but describe him a nice, polite person.  Police say he has a military background.  One neighbor said he was told by the man that he had served time in Iraq and was now going to school at SFA.

We'll have more information on this story tonight on your East Texas News at Six.