Improvised Explosive Device Found

Residents of a Nacogdoches apartment complex know all too well that you never really know what's going on around you. Around four o'clock Monday morning Lakewood Apartments were awakened by police telling them to evacuate their apartments. Nacogdoches Police were simply following up on a complaint involving a fight between two roommates.

When they went to question the suspect they made a surprising discovery. Sgt Greg Sowell said they found, "Enough components to construct several destructive devices. These are in a certain area in an an area to themselves. It appears there was an attempt to construct explosive devices."

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearm agents did discover one improvised explosive device completely made. All morning long, they were in and out of apartment 132. For safety sake, tired and hungry residents stood outside.   Matthew Akers said, "Adrenaline can last just so long."

Neighbors didn't know much about the man who lived in apartment 132 and they certainly didn't question his behavior. Conversations with the neighbor they knew only as Paul were pleasant.   Neighbor Kristi Agee said he was really nice and helped her and her roommate move in. "We all thought he was cute," she said.   Next door neighbor Napoleon Wingwood said, "He told me he was in the army. He was over in Iraq for awhile and come home to go back to school."

Authorities confirm the military background. His truck indicates that with its infantry, military insignia and anti terrorist stickers. Neighbor Jessica Tinker said, "Usually you want to trust somebody from the branch of the military. He looked fairly trustworthy the few times I saw him. This is actually quite a shock."

The suspect's name has yet to be released. He spent the day at the hospital undergoing psychological evaluation. At news time no arrest or charges had been made.

Also found in the apartment were marijuana and mushrooms under a grow light in a ventilated closet. NPD will handle the drug investigation. The bomb component investigation is no in the hands of ATF.