Holidays and the Flu

by Jessica Cervantez

Thanksgiving is just a couple of days away and that is just beginning of the holiday season. With the season comes crowds, stress, alcohol, and smoke and these things can lower your defenses against colds.

Meredith Stanford, with the Angelina County and Cities Health District, said, "Get plenty of sleep.  Don't spread yourself to thin, you increase your stress level and that leads to fatigue, and that can suppress your immune system."

Already the Angelina County and Cities Health District is keeping a close eye as East Texans come in with the flu, but it is not too late to get your flu shot.  They have just received another shipment with 2-thousand vaccines.

Joe Cernkovich, of Lufkin, said, "I have for the last several years and it hasn't seemed to hurt me."

Stanford said, "Get your flu shots, we still have plenty.  They are $20 each and there are still pneumonia shots available."

Jan Garcia, of Lufkin, said, "I'm diabetic and I get my flu shot every year also, but I haven't yet, but I will."

Some tips to stay healthy this holiday season include:

1. Get your flu shot
2. Make sure you exercise regularly
3. Limit alcohol consumption
4. Avoid cigarette smoke

Following these steps can help you stay in tip-top shape during the holidays.