Some Inmates Have Plenty to be Thankful For

"It's pretty bad," said a prisoner. "I don't get to be around my kids and spend time with them and cook for the family."

That's because she's an inmate in the Angelina County Jail. She was arrested last July on drug charges and still has more than a month to go before she's released. She will get to see her two children today, but only for a mere 20 minutes.

"We have visitation, but other than that there's no contact or anything like that."

"Pee Wee" is also in jail for the holidays. His probation was revoked because he failed a urine test and forged a check. Pee Wee's been in and out of jail for years, but said he still has a reason to give thanks.

"I'd just like to tell my mom 'thank you' for coming back into my life and being there to support me at court and supporting me," said Pee Wee. "You know I've changed and it means the world to me. It's what keeps me going right now."

"Pee Wee" is also trying to spread some of that holiday joy to his fellow inmates. He is one of several jail cooks that is making tonight's holiday dinner.

"A lot of people are depressed, it's the holidays and everything," said "Pee Wee." "People have good days and bad days. You stress and you don't really have nothing to look forward to. The guys have sports, you got your visits, and you got your mail, and of course on the holidays no mail runs. Some of us are going to be lucky enough that we have our families and they will come see us and you got that to look forward to, and plus there's a good meal today."

It's not the same as having dinner with family, but it's still a reason to be thankful. The Angelina County jail served a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, dressing, and all the fixins'.

Currently, there are 255 inmates in the jail.