Gun Safety Concerns

by Larry Little

Shoppers are keeping Bill Pate's gun shop busy this holiday season. "Shotgun, rifle, deer rifle but we sell a lot of all of them for Christmas, " says gun shop owner Bill Pate.

Celeste Simmons is Christmas shopping. "I'm buying a gift for my son. A nice deer hunting rifle, that's what he requested and it will put food on our table," says Celeste Simmons.

Celeste's son is 19 years old and she says the rifle won't be his first time to use or own a gun. "His first gun was purchased at 5 years old. He was taught gun safety at a very young age," says Simmons.

The death of 13 year old Alex Aldridge in what authorities are calling an accidental shooting is raising concerns about gun safety. Celeste doesn't believe buying a teenager a gun for Christmas is a bad idea as long as parents teach safety.

"Never point it anyone, always hold it up or down, never carry a loaded gun around, always keep your guns locked up in a safe. There are also all types of safety's you can buy for rifles and pistols," says Simmons.

"The most important thing is you've got to be safe," says Simmons.

"You've got to think the gun is loaded wether it is or not," says Pate.