The 'Mental Health Day' Becomes Increasingly Popular

'Fess up -- have you ever called in sick when you're feeling fine? If so, you're in good company.

A new survey by

finds nearly one-third of us have done just that in the last year. Senior career adviser Jennifer Sullivan says many people are using sick days as "mental health days" to catch-up on sleep or simply relax.

According to Sullivan, many employers are honoring that. But she warns that using sick days as vacation days can get you in trouble, especially if a colleague spots you.

And for those who told the teacher, "My dog ate my homework," it turns out there are grown-up versions. Employers have heard plenty of unusual excuses for not coming to work, including one guy claiming his mother-in-law poisoned him. Or the fellow who said he broke his leg snowboarding off the roof while drunk.

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