Jackson Asks Entertainers to Stop Using Slur

Jesse Jackson is calling on the entertainment industry to stop using the racial slur that Michael Richards used against hecklers in a Los Angeles comedy club.

Jackson and others told reporters today that they'll meet with TV networks, film companies, and musicians to talk about the "n-word."

Jackson is also asking the public not to buy a DVD box set of the seventh season of "Seinfeld." The set was released last week, the same week that former Seinfeld star Richards was videotaped unleashing a racist rant against the black hecklers.

Richards had made several apologies, including one yesterday on Jackson's syndicated radio show. He has said he's not a racist, and that he was motivated by anger.

A comedian attending today's news conference, Paul Mooney, says he's used the "n-word" numerous times during stand-up performances, but that he'll no longer do so after watching Richards' rant.

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