Texas State Trailroad State Park Has Uncertain Future

by Jessica Cervantez If something isn't done soon a popular East Texas tourist attraction could be shut down.  The Texas State Railroad State Park in Rusk now has an uncertain future. More than 40-thousand visitors ride the train every year. The train first opened in the 1880's. It is now open every weekend from Thursday through Sunday. The state park is facing closure on December 31st if enough money is not raised to keep the train going, at least until the legislature can vote on the issue. If it closes more than 65 employees will lose their jobs and for many a part of history will be gone. Mark Price, of the Texas State Railroad Park, said, " There is such a connection between grandparents and grandchildren.  And the lost of the historical steam train here really is going to affect a lot of individuals in there, just passing down their heritage to their grandchildren." The train has been losing money.  The Texas State Railroad State Park needs $650-thousand to keep the steam train running until a vote on state funding happens. You can help by making a contribution to:  Texas State Railroad State Park P.O. Box 39 Rusk, Texas 75785