Obesity and Heart Disease

by Jessica Cervantez Many of Dr. Robert Hallett's patients are overweight.  And, he says they know it. Dr. Hallett, who specializes in cardiovascular disease, "They all know their obese, this is not a shock." It is getting them to do something about it that is difficult. Dr.  Hallett believes everyone should be exercising 30-minutes a day 7-days a week with no excuses. Studies show overweight men have a 70% greater chance of having coronary artery disease. Just one of the many health risks of being too heavy. Dr. Hallett said, "There's more obesity here than in New York City, probably a genetic pool basis with lifestyle changes." More than 80% of patients that walk through Dr. Hallett's door are overweight. But, Dr. Hallett knows it is not too late for them to change that.