The next time you go to the doctor for a check-up you might be offered an HIV Test.  Consider getting the test. It's part of a new effort by the Centers for Disease Control to test more Americans for HIV.

Getting that message out to our KTRE viewers is especially important because local health officials say many people are not being tested.  They are under the misconception that AIDS, HIV and other STDs don't exist in small towns.  Others don't want to be tested because of the stigma AIDS carries and they think what they don't know won't hurt them.

The truth is - more than a million Americans now have HIV/AIDS with 40 thousand new HIV cases breaking out each year.  Here in East Texas there are 13-hundred documented HIV/AIDS cases.  Most new HIV infections are in women under the age of 25 and many of those patients are African-American women.

In recognition of World AIDS Day, Friday December 1st, Planned Parenthood will offer a free, confidential, and painless HIV test with results ready in 30 minutes.

Or you can contact Health Horizons, the local health department in your community or your private physician and get a test for only 70 dollars.  AIDS is not over. Get tested.