Cold Weather Preps

By the end of the week heating devices of all kinds should be going full blast. This can make firefighters nervous agreed Nacogdoches Fire Chief Keith Kiplinger. "The first real hard cold snap, the real worry is people are going to misuse heating appliances." The new Nacogdoches Fire Chief likes heaters to be checked out by a professional, but there are some simple checks you can do yourself.

Chief Kiplinger advised, "Visually make sure that all the hoses, all the wiring looks like it's in its original condition. Turn the heater on. Let it function for a few minutes, make sure it's acting properly, that it appears it's heating the way it was intended to. And actually look at the furnace, the unit and make sure nothing is leaking or smoking in any areas it normally wouldn't." while you're checking the heater also test those fire alarm batteries.

You'll also want to head to the garage. A quick check under the hood of your automobile can prevent cold weather breakdowns. Check your antifreeze level and look for leaks. If you're battery is acting sluggish go ahead and replace it. Chances are it's about to die anyway.

And make sure your washer reservoir is filled with non freezing soaps. Service manager Randy Robison said, "That's usually one of the first things people try to hit when they're windshield is frozen over, is their washer and they find out it's frozen as well."

Last but not least, don't forget the tires. Slick ones can cause you to hydroplane on wet or icy roads. Follow these tips and you'll have more time to spend in the warm indoors.