Bombing Suspect Also Suspect In Bizarre Activity

Animal cruelty and threats of bombing a high school are allegations facing Paul Miles.   He's an SFA student and former soldier now undergoing psychiatric testing after a bomb and explosive materials were found in his Nacogdoches apartment.

Miles' roommate, Carl Timmons made the claims in a police report. Timmons is in jail without bond on several felony charges related to the explosive material found in the apartment he shared with miles. Paul Miles has not been arrested, but remains in a Louisiana mental hospital. Timmons says Miles hung a dead cat off the SFA military science flagpole, something police did investigate.

Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms investigators call it bizarre behavior.   ATF agent clay Alexander said, "This particular individual, the pipe bombs, the narcotics, the shrapnel and the allegation that they already confessed to, specifically a church where a statue was damaged and animal cruelty, that leads us to believe that this individual was obviously violent in nature."

There is no indication when Miles' evaluation will end. The military has been notified about the ongoing evaluation.