Illegal Immigration Controversy

by Larry Little

Karen Cooley's idea of rural living isn't what she expected. She believes her Angelina County neighborhood is being ruined by a growing number of illegal immigrants.

"My neighborhood used to be peaceful and quiet out here. There are a lot of American families and Spanish families here, but they are legal, and I know this for a fact," says Karen Cooley.

Cooley wants more local laws to restrict illegal immigration. "The system is broken in a lot of places, and we need some help," says Cooley.

East Texas State Representative Leo Berman agrees. "They are violating the most basic of federal laws, laws of immigration," says Berman.

Representative Berman believes illegal immigration is costing taxpayers too much money, and he is introducing legislation to deny citizenship to babies born to illegals in the U.S. They are costing us three-and-a-half billion dollars a year, according to a study that I just went through,"  says Berman.

Cooley applauds Berman's efforts, hoping East Texans will understand the difference between being right and being racist. "I am not racist in any way. I believe there is a right way and a wrong way. My grandparents came over the right way, as did my great-grandparents," says Cooley.

If the law passes, children born to illegals will not be eligible for state benefits.