What If I Lose My I Bonds or They’re Destroyed?

 If your I Bonds are lost, stolen, or destroyed,  they can be replaced free of charge as long as the Bureau of the Public Debt can establish that the bonds are either still outstanding or have been erroneously paid.  I Bond owners can apply for replacement to the Bureau of the Public Debt, Parkersburg, West Virginia 26106-1328.  Many banks stock the replacement application form, PD F 1048, or you can get it from our website at www.savingsbonds.gov.

  You can help the replacement process along by keeping records of your bond serial numbers, issue dates (month and year found in the upper right-hand corner of a bond), registration (names and addresses), and the Social Security or Taxpayer Identification numbers in a safe place separate from the bonds. Getting the Savings Bond Wizard makes this easy. The Wizard is a free computer program published by Public Debt that lets you keep an inventory of your bonds and also lets you know their current value. You can download the Wizard from the savings bonds website.