Diboll Library Expansion

News Release:

Diboll's love affair with its library began in the early 1900s. Since a few years after the founding of Diboll in 1894, a library, in some form or another, has been a town fixture. In order to maintain the library's prominent status within the community, a renovation and expansion project has been developed and is set to begin in 2007.

With the new space opened on the property, located directly behind the Library building, re-design and expansion ideas blossomed. Lufkin attorney Claude E. Welch approached the Board about including a memorial to his lifelong friend, Judge John Hannah Jr., who had recently passed away. The Board decided it was time to develop a strategic plan for the Library.

A community survey was conducted, and program and service evaluations and strategic planning reports were prepared by Sheila Ross Henderson, Director of the Pasadena Public Library and Houston Area Library System Consultant.

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