Purse Snatchings are on the Rise

by Ramonica R. Jones

'Tis the season for shopping, and that means it's also the season for stealing.

The East Texas News did a demonstration from the parking lot of a busy shopping center in Lufkin. The experiment showed it takes only a few seconds to snatch a purse, especially when no one is paying attention.

Afterwards, the news crew caught up with several shoppers who said they'll start paying more attention to their surroundings and where they will put their handbags from now on.

Lufkin authorities investigate several parking lot purse snatchings each year. The suspects are hard to catch because by the time the victim realizes they've been hit, the thief is too far away to get a vehicle description or license plate number.

Driving less than 10 miles an hour, it takes less than 10 seconds to pull up next to a shopping cart and steal a purse.