No Distance Ordinance Expected

Darlene Crawford, a store manager, can hardly wait to sell alcohol in her Lufkin store. She has all her paperwork in. She's just waiting on her permit. She's hoping beer trucks will be at her store the day she gets the paper that says she can legally sell alcohol.

Crawford said, "Beer trucks waiting or the mailman or wherever we get it from. They are going to be sitting in the parking lot, we hope."

Crawford's business is close to a church, but not close enough that, if a distance ordinance was passed, it would affect her. She does agree that schools, churches, and daycares should be a certain distance away from the sale of alcohol.

Crawford said, "I don't think it should be next door to a church or daycare. I'm across from a church, I'm always from the school.  I have kids who cross in front of the store every day, but you can bet they'll be watched, and we won't set up the store where they can get to the alcohol."

City Manager Paul Parker doesn't see any benefit to having a distance ordinance in Lufkin.

Parker said, "Part of the discussion the council has is, 'does the separation really create any benefits for churches, schools, and daycares?'"

Over the next several weeks, many Angelina County stores will be receiving their permits to sell alcohol. And, at least in Lufkin, there is no ordinance restricting their location.