Taco Bell Yanks Green Onions After Preliminary Tests

Green onions are now off the menu at all of America's nearly six-thousand Taco Bells, because tests on some samples show signs of E-coli.

The fast food chain says the results are preliminary, but appear to be positive for the bacteria that sickened at least three dozen people in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Taco Bell had the test done by an independent lab, while state officials run their own tests. In a statement, the company's president says the restaurant chain is pulling the green onions out of what he calls "an abundance of caution."

Some of the Taco Bells initially closed by the E-coli outbreak are open again, but nine others in the suburbs of Philadelphia are now shut.

Health officials are still trying to nail down the source of the bacteria. They've been checking a New Jersey food distribution center that supplied some of the restaurants.

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