Expert: if you're lost stay put

What would you do if you were lost in the wilderness, like the Kim family in Oregon, and you didn't know if anyone would find you?

One survival instructor says the best thing to do is stay in place. Michael Strong says if you move, the odds of your being found diminish.

James Kim is missing in the snowy Oregon Coast Range after leaving his car on Saturday to seek help. His wife and two daughters stayed behind and were rescued on Monday.

Strong says people often think gadgets such as cell phones, the Internet and on-board global positioning devices will get them out of jams. But he says such devices don't take into account local conditions, such as snow. Plus cells phones don't always work in the mountains.

Strong is director of the University of Oregon's Outdoor Pursuits Program, where he teaches an eight-week course on survival. He says the number one lesson is to let someone else know your travel plans.

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