Alcohol Opponents are Disappointed with City Leaders

Opponents of beer and wine sales in Angelina County are disappointed city leaders in Lufkin have not passed a distance ordinance for alcohol sales. They would like a buffer zone established between schools and stores that sell alcohol.

They believe not doing this will give children easier access to alcohol, especially kids that would have to pass by alcohol outlets going to and from school.

Phyllis Grandgeorge, director for the Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council, said, "That is when they are most vulnerable to at-risk behavior and that is the intent of an ordinance for a city - to protect those children when they are unsupervised and at school when there are a large number of students. It enhances the drug-free zone and gun-free zone."

If the city adopts an ordinance after alcohol retailers set up shop near a church, school, or hospital, those businesses would be grandfathered in.

The commissioners court adopted the state's distance regulations for beer and wine sales in Angelina County last month. Regulations advise alcohol sales to happen at least 300 feet away from schools, churches, and hospitals.