Emergency Contraception Debate

by Larry Little

Suanne Moorehouse has four children. She believes she knows just about all there is to know about motherhood. She had her first child at age 15, and she nearly lost her life after giving birth nine months ago.

"Every day is a new adventure. There is always a challenge in every day, especially with my four. Kids are wonderful. They are my life. I don't know what I would do without them," says Moorehouse.

Though married, Suanne admits being a young mother was difficult. Today, Planned Parenthood, hoping to reduce the difficulties of unwanted or unplanned pregnancies, gave away emergency contraception pills, now available over the counter.

"This is a great prevention tool. It's something every woman needs in her medicine cabinet. You never know -- if you are sexually assaulted, the last thing you want to be concerned with is an unintended pregnancy," says Michelle Green with Planned Parenthood.

Suanne is among those who disagree. She feels the over-the-counter drug encourages wrong choices and promotes a promiscuous lifestyle. "I think that is setting an example for the kids that are going out [and] having unprotected sex. I think they better get on their knees and pray to God, because that is not God's will," says Moorehouse.

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