Possible Power Plant for Lufkin

by Allison Landry

The city of Lufkin is considering the possibility of a 63 million dollar power plant.   The plant would be mostly a wood burning operation.

"We thought Lufkin would be the perfect center for a power plant operation, especially since we are planning to use a wood burning, operation and there are lots of wood chips and wood products available," says Neil Leibman, CEO of Aspen Power.

The project is in its earliest stages.  Lufkin leaders are hesitant to comment on the possibility of the plant, but Leiban says he believes the city will endorse the project.

"It's not a for sure deal.  We are in the early stages of development.  We are preparing permits, and while we have approval from the state to pursue a bond offering, we are still in the initial stages of planning the product."

Once all the permits are approved, Aspen Power intends to build two 45-megawatt power plants in the city.  Both will be all wood burning.

What does this mean for the city?

Aspen Power officials tell us the plant would create many construction jobs while it's built, and bring in up to 20 permanent jobs, along with creating less expensive power for the city.