East Texas Family Watching Iraq War Policy

Today President George Bush admitted, "It's bad in Iraq."

That's not the news Mary Fugeron and Angie Napier wanted to hear. "I don't know why we are losing the war in Iraq. We have all of our men over there, and we are pouring enough money into it. We shouldn't be losing it," says Angie Napier.

"Not good, not good at all. We should send more men over there so they will have more support, and they wouldn't lose the war in Iraq," says Mary Fugeron.

Mary's grandson and Angie's nephew, Jarell Jones, is now on his second tour in Iraq. "He's very upset. He lost a couple of his buddies. He doesn't understand why they had to be sent back so soon, either," says Fugeron.

Angie's son, Eric, is also in the military. She fears he will eventually be called on to serve in Iraq.  "Even though he's in the Air Force and less likely to go because the forces are getting so thin, I think he will eventually have to go. Of course, I'm not happy about it, but they knew that could happen when they joined the service," says Napier.

Mary and Angie hope the Iraq Study Group report will bring a winning solution to the ongoing war so the troops can come home soon.