Big Rig Knocked Out Sonic's Lights

An East Texas restaurant missed out on its usual lunch crowd Friday. The power at the Sonic on West Frank Street in Lufkin was out for several hours. A delivery truck making a drop-off at the restaurant clipped a power line, knocking out Sonic's electricity.

The truck belongs to North Star food distributors out of Conroe. The company makes regular deliveries to Sonic. Sonic employees said the same company made the same mistake a year ago, but the driver who clipped the line Friday was not the regular driver.

General Manager Kathy Koonce said, "During Rita, he knocked the power line down. We asked [the city] to put it a little higher so it wouldn't hit, but apparently they didn't put it high enough."

The driver said he did not see the power line and the regular driver did not warn him about the low electrical wire.