Lufkin Man Rescued from Fire

by Larry Little

Seventy-two-year-old Tommy Nolan is thankful to be alive after fire broke out in his North Lufkin home on Rowe and Keltys Sunday morning, just before 10 a.m.  The fire trapped Nolan inside.

Robert Taylor saw it all. "At first, I saw the flames going in the air," says Taylor.

Taylor rushed inside the home. "He was in the front room and the fire was in the back room. Yes, sir, it was a big flame. I knew there was an older man in the house at the time. I always passed by on this road. I live a couple of blocks down, so I just went in there and got him out as soon as possible," says Taylor.

Taylor realizes he could have been hurt in the fire, but he says the risk was well worth it.   "I knew it was an elderly man, so I just had to help him out," says Taylor.