Accused Robber Caught with Face Mask and Shot Gun

Authorities have caught a gunman they believe robbed a Lufkin convenience store early Sunday morning.

Around 5 a.m., a man wearing a face mask went inside the Polk's Pick-It-Up on West Frank Street, carrying a shotgun. He told the clerks he was robbing the place.

One of the cashiers gave the man money from the register and he walked away. Moments later, officers got a call of a suspicious person at another convenience store just a block away.

That's where they found 19-year-old Tyler Culbertson. He was wearing the clothes described by the robbery victim. Culbertson also had a pump shotgun and a mask in the front seat of his SUV.

An undisclosed amount of cash believed to be taken in the robbery was also recovered from the vehicle. Police charged Culbertson with aggravated robbery.