Lufkin Police Report - 12/13/06

ASSAULT:  900 E. Denman Ave. (Lufkin Middle School).   A juvenile reported that she was assaulted by another juvenile after the basketball game Tuesday evening.  The victim had a bleeding lip and swelling around her eye.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:  1600 block of N. Raguet St.  A woman reported that two of her checks were stolen and forged in 2005 by an unknown person.

THEFT:  412 N. TIMBERLAND Dr. (HEB).  A man left his wallet on the counter at HEB Monday evening. The wallet was gone when he returned for it.

THEFT:  410 Scarborough (First Missionary Baptist Church).  Approximately 12 landscaping stones were stolen from the First Missionary Baptist Church on Scarborough sometime Monday night.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  1400 block of E. Lufkin Ave.  A car was broken into and the car stereo was stolen sometime during the day Tuesday.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  600 block of N. Raguet St.  A tool belt containing assorted electrician's tools was stolen from the bed of a pickup Tuesday morning when the driver stopped at a convenience store for a few minutes on the way to work.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  1300 block of S. First St.  A car window was broken out and the stereo stolen sometime Monday night.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  100 block of Butler.  A pickup was "egged" sometime over the weekend.

THEFT:  4211 S. Medford Dr. (Home Depot).  Scaffolding rented in October from Home Depot has not been returned and the store can't contact the renter now.

  100 block of W. Shepherd.  The front door to a housing building was damaged Saturday.  Complainant reports that a former tenant repeatedly pulled on the locked door until the lock was damaged.