Search for Husband of Dead Woman Continues

Authorities are not calling Tim Eubanks a suspect in his wife's death, but they definitely want to talk to him because he may have been the last person to see his wife Tina alive.

Those who knew Tina Eubanks are in shock over her suspicious death. Her five children are coping with the loss of their mother, and the fact that their father is who police are wanting to find.

The family is new to Nacogdoches, but have lived here long enough to make good friends. Tina Eubanks caring smile  is something her friends say portrayed nothing but happiness for herself and family. Family friend Jim Procter said, "They seemed like your picture perfect American family."

But the Eubank's home on Sheffield Street was where the 36 year old homemaker's life came to a tragic end. A disturbing cell phone call from the husband was made to a friend before seven this morning. Police were notified. The house was first surrounded by officers with drawn guns, but once inside they found only the woman and three of her youngest children. Lt. Greg Johnson said, "Some had already gone to school and were not really sure if there was very much of a disturbance at this point." Police saw no visual trauma to Eubank's body. An autopsy has a been ordered.

Police aren't calling her husband a suspect, but the investigation is being treated as a homicide. That in itself is shocking to friends.   Family friend Marsha Ault spent Tuesday with Tina decorating their church for a special program. "They were friends of ours. We had them in our home. They've eaten with us. We played games. Tina was the best wife and mom. She loved her husband and she loved her children."

Eubanks' neighbors were visually upset, but didn't know the Eubanks very well.  Their quite neighborhood is known for its Christmas decorations, not the place for crime scenes.   Next door neighbors describe the Eubanks as a very friendly and nice family, but also very reserved and quite. The last thing they would expect to see this is crime tape around their home."

The biggest concern was for the children. Two high school students were comforted by counselors. By Wednesday night all the children were with grandparents. Ault said, "I think just having them there to love them, just be with them; I know many of us are praying for them."

Police say Eubanks has stopped calling friends and family which concerns them.   Authorities are asking for your help to find Tim Eubanks.   He was last seen driving a 2005 silver Mazda MPV wagon sport van. The license plate number on the van is Texas 7-1-9-N-N-T