Proposed Texas Daycare Bill

by Larry Little Gladys Guerrero and Shirley Horace work at the Kiddieland Daycare in Lufkin. "It's good I like playing with kids, I have 2 of my own," Gladys Guerrero. "We love the children and we do all we can to support them", says Shirley Horace. They enjoy their job as daycare teachers, but they wish they made more money. Corlis Huelett is the owner of Kiddieland Daycare. "We can't pay them as much as we would love to and I think we should be able to pay them a lot more. Our work is like teaching school," says Corlis Hulett.  East Texas Daycare Centers may soon be held to the same standards. A proposed Texas Daycare Bill would create new professional standards for daycare workers, encouraging them to get college degrees so they can earn higher salaries. Another goal is to increase the quality of education for daycare students.  Some East Texas parents are hoping the proposed changes become reality.   "Daycare is the foundation of many young children's lives. Daycare is where their education starts, but the better the teacher, the better education they can give the students," says parent, Yolonda Simmons. Opponents of the proposed Texas Daycare Bill believe it will increase preschool and daycare fees.