Sexual Assault and Restraints Part of Eubank's Murder Investigation

Tim Eubanks is facing murder charges of his wife, Tina Eubanks. He's also being investigated for what police learned at 1730 Sheffield, the couple's home where the offense occurred. According to the police report a subject at the house had been sexually assaulted and held against their will. Police aren't releasing who the victim is.

Eubanks remained in the hospital Saturday morning during the funeral of his wife of 9 years. He now has an attorney who is building his defense. The arrangements were made through Eubank's brother in Atlanta, Georgia, according to defense atttorny John Heath Jr. "His brother and parents were wanting to come to Nacogdoches, but they've decided until Tim is allowed to have visitors they will remain in Georgia." Heath said he's keeping Mr. Eubanks' family informed as much as possible.

It's still too early to know what the argument against murder will actually be.   The question every one is asking is why Eubanks would even want to kill his wife, Tina. No one wants to know it more than Heath Jr. "If you're looking at why is to also consider that this is something completly out of character and there must be something much more than daily stress."

The defender is as perplexed as those who personally knew the medical imaging director. Marsha Ault shared what Tina said this week about her husband. She said Tina told her,   "he (Tim) was such a blessing and he was a real gift to our family and that was Tuesday night." And Marsha Jacobson talks about what the eldest son said of his adoptive father before his mother's death.   "He just said that he will always thank him for loving his mother and taking him and his four sisters as his own children and he said I love him for that."

Yet rumors and speculations about what went on behind closed doors are spreading.   Heath said, "There doesn't appear to be any history at all of domestic abuse, or anything like that." Instead, Heath suggests mental health issues. Epilepsy and a possible suicide attempt with prescription medications have prevented a productive attorney client visit. Heath said, "When I spoke with him he was not in a position for us to sit down and talk about the particulars of his recollection of the events of that morning and so we have not done that."

Family members are instructed not to talk about the details of that day. Investigators nor attorneys aren't commenting on how Tina died until they receive a preliminary autopsy report.

Investigators may want Eubanks in jail, but he'll remain in the hospital until a doctor's release. Heath said, "He's not being coddled up there. He's handcuffed to a bed and not allowed to have any visitors at all and there are armed police and not allowed to have any visitors at all and there are armed police officers standing outside his room."

A stark contrast to what his children did Friday night. They attended and participated in a Christmas celebration where their mother's' life was honored.

Saturday morning a memorial service was held at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for Tina Eubanks.