Enforcing Traffic Laws

This month authorities teamed up with TxDot and officers are patrolling the highways and sending a clear message to anyone who disobeys traffic laws or drives drunk. "Drinking and driving is a big problem in Texas and each year we just have this campaign. We are trying to remind people and get if you are going to party don't drink and drive," says TxDots' Kathy White. "Anytime you have major holidays there is always partying, DPS officer Greg Sanches says if you drink alcoholic beverages during the holidays. That's why we really pick our enforcement up," says DPS officer, Greg Sanches. Officer Greg Sanches says if you drink and drive you will be caught, but DUI drivers aren't the only ones officers will be looking for, Sanches says officers will ticket speeders, seatbelt violators and red light runners. "During the holidays it is very important to remember that all officers will be out looking for DUI drivers, speeders and seatbelts. Another thing to consider is it is a holiday period, and it would be tragic to have an accident out there where someone is hurt real bad or killed".