Safe-Deposit Box Questions and Answers

Important Answers to Your Safe-Deposit Box Questions

What Is a Safe-Deposit Box?
A safe-deposit box is a sturdy metal container that can be rented for storing valuables.  These boxes are retained in small compartments— each having a separate lock.  To meet the needs of individual renters, safe-deposit boxes are available in a variety of different sizes.

Where Are Safe-Deposit Boxes Located?
Safe-deposit boxes are located in a section of our vault.  The vault is a large room or rooms where cash, records, and other items of value are kept.
 Because the vault is constructed of cement and steel, you can rest assured knowing that the contents of your box are safe and secure.

Why Use a Safe-Deposit Box?
Safe-deposit boxes are ideal for storing your valuables.  Take an inventory of your items and ask yourself these questions:

  • Are these items important to me? 
  • Would they be difficult or impossible to replace?
  • Are they presently in danger of fire or theft?
  • Are they liable to be lost or misplaced?
  • Would safe-deposit box protection prevent these items from deteriorating?

If you've answered "yes" to any of these questions, a safe-deposit box may be just what you need.

We are responsible for providing reasonable protection for your safe-deposit box and its contents.  We will not be liable for loss by fire, theft, embezzlement, or any other cause unless we have failed to exercise reasonable care in the protection of your safe-deposit box and its contents.

Who May Rent a Safe-Deposit Box?
Safe-deposit boxes are available to individuals,
married persons, businesses, associations, churches, clubs, miscellaneous organizations...anyone or any group that needs one. 

What Are the Procedures for Renting a Safe-Deposit Box? 
To rent a safe-deposit box, you must complete a lease agreement.  This agreement contains the date, our name, your name, the number of the safe-deposit box, the rental fee per year, the annual due date of the rental, terms and conditions of the agreement, your signature, and our authorized signature.

Is There a Key for Each Box?
When you rent a safe-deposit box, you are issued two keys, which fit only your lock.  Each key should be secured in a safe—but separate— location.

What Happens if a Safe-Deposit Box Key Is Lost?
We must drill the box lock, install a new lock, and give you a new set of keys. Because lost keys create expenses for you and for us, it is critical to know the whereabouts of your keys at all times.

How Does a Safe-Deposit Box Open?
Your box cannot be opened (except by force) unless one of your keys and our guard key are both used.  Your key opens one set of tumblers; the guard key opens another set to release the lock.  Neither key by itself can unlock the box.  This gives you additional assurance as to the privacy and safety of your box contents.

What Are the Procedures for Entering My Safe-Deposit Box?
Each time you wish to enter your box, you must sign an admission form.  For identification purposes, the signature on this form is verified against the signature on our records.  Once this process is complete, an attendant accompanies you to the safe-deposit box area.  After you open and remove your box, be sure to keep it with you at all times until it is returned to the vault.