What Happens to My Box and Its Contents if I Die?

In case the box holder dies...
A legal representative of your estate or joint renters of the box (if any) should inform the bank as soon as possible of your death. 

Under the law in some states, the bank may refuse all access to the safe-deposit box until we are notified of the existence of a legal representative of the estate of the deceased renter (this may be true even if the other renter or renters are still alive). 

In other states, the law specifies that the death of one holder of a jointly held safe-deposit box does not affect the right of any other holder of the box to have access to and remove the contents from the box. 

Finally, under the law in certain states, the bank may, upon the death of one of the renters of a safe-deposit box, allow the box to be accessed only for the purpose of locating a will and listing the contents of the box.  Withdrawal of the contents, however, will not be allowed until certain legal requirements are met.