City to Vote on Red Light Cameras

The city of Lufkin has reached a five year agreement with a company called Traffipax to install cameras at stop lights. But there is a catch.

Assistant City Manager Keith Wright says the city council must first vote to approve the cameras. If approved, the cameras will be installed in January 2007.

The cameras will take pictures of all cars going five or more miles over the speed limit, the citation will be verified and then mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.  Fines assessed will be set by the city.

Officials say the cameras will generate revenue for the city, but that's not the reason they're being installed. "We're trying to save lives, reduce injuries and decrease the monetary loss these accidents can cost the community," said Wright.  Wright went on to say the installation of the red light cameras should also cut down on police manpower. He says it takes anywhere from two to four officers working a big interection to catch red light violators. The proposed camera system can do the work of those four officers, allowing that police manpower to be used in other law enforcement areas.

The Lufkin city council is scheduled to vote on the installation of the stop light cameras Tuesday evening. The meeting begins at 5 p.m. at Lufkin City hall and is open to the public.