Pathology Report Confirms Investigators Belief

There may now be a clearer understanding of how Tina Eubanks, 35, died, but the question of 'why' remains.  A major focus of investigators remains on allegations of sexual molestation in the Eubanks' home.   Eubanks was a woman who seemed on the surface to be a member of the perfect family, but she died of asphyxia due to strangulation/suffocation. That's according to the Beaumont pathologist who conducted the autopsy on her body. This opinion supports the evidence collected by detectives at Eubanks' home on December 13th. Her husband, Tim Eubanks remains in jail for the murder.

An arrest affidavit indicates more charges could be coming. Eubanks' defense attorney, John Heath Jr. questions why they are in the arrest affidavit.  "There's another criminal charge alleged in here, a sexual molestation charge that got thrown in, it looks to me, just for public consumption because we haven't seen a warrant for these charges."

Police had previously made it clear that more charges could be filed as the investigation continued. Detectives write that a daughter was sexually molested that morning and she made an outcry. An argument between the parents followed, the report said. The allegation is Eubanks' tied the three children up with duct tape and made a statement that he had to do this to their mother.

The children are safe and secure with grandparents in Louisiana. They were quickly taken to live with their grandparents in Louisiana following a memorial service for their mother this weekend. Those who knew the Eubanks' were shocked to hear of the incident. Now they're surprised to hear about the molestation allegations.   Perception can be far from reality. Based on years of experience with abuse cases, Child Welfare Board President Lisa king said, "Most probably depending on how this investigation goes, depending on how it all works out, there may be some situations, them may have been some outcries, some type of behavior that showed that there was a problem in the family."

Eubanks is behind bars, without bond. So far his brother and parents haven't visited with him. Heath said, "They'll come when it's time for them to visit, but also they wanted to wait to come until we really had a chance we could sit down with them and talk more fully about the facts as we know them."

Tim Eubanks will remain in jail without bond pending his hearing in district court. That won't happen until after a grand jury indictment. A grand jury is not scheduled to meet until after the first of the year.

Certainly a lot more is alleged in official ways, some which substantiate rumors that circulated as early as the day Tina Eubanks' was found dead in her bed.