Truck Slams Into Building

It has been a busy day for the owners of Cavanaugh's Jewelers and Silver Spoon in Lufkin. They received phone calls about 11:30 p.m. Monday night telling them a dodge pick-up had slammed into their stores.

Duncan Cavanaugh, of Cavanaugh's Jewelers, said, "It wound up in my business, broke showcases and everything, tons and tons of glass."

Twenty-one-year-old Francis Jackson, of Lufkin, was behind the wheel of the truck. The police radar clocked the truck traveling 105 mph near the loop. When police turned around to catch up with the driver, he had already plowed into the side of the building.

Silver Spoon received much of the damage.

David Rusk, with Silver Spoon, said, "We made one Christmas, and we were hoping for this Christmas to be better, and we had been better each month.  And we were excited about this Christmas coming up, but things changed."

It is still unclear what the future holds for Silver Spoon. The store is only a year-old, and the next few days were expected to be its busiest of the year. The crash means a lot of business will be lost.

Erin Ivins, the owner of Silver Spoon, said, "You walk in and you can't imagine, there's nothing left, all the displays, the clothes, it just looked like an explosion happened in your store.

Jackson has been charged with DWI. Despite all the damage, nobody was seriously hurt.