Miss USA's Second Chance

Miss U.S.A. will complete her year-long reign, which will now include a stint in rehab.

Tara Conner had come under fire amid accusations of underage drinking in New York bars. She turned 21 Tuesday.

At a news conference today, Miss Universe Organization co-owner Donald Trump announced he'll let Conner keep her title. As he put it, "I've always been a believer in second chances." And he said she'll be entering rehab.

A teary Conner told him, "I will not let you down."  Trump said pressures from the "whirlwind of New York" were too much for the small-town beauty queen. Conner hails from Kentucky.

A Miss Universe Organization spokeswoman has said that Miss U.S.A. is considered a role model, and her conduct must reflect that.

The runner-up for Miss U.S.A. says she supports the decision by Donald Trump to give current Miss U.S.A. Tara Conner a second chance.

Miss California Tamiko Nash says that while winning the pageant has been a "lifelong dream," she wouldn't want the crown "at Tara's expense."  Conner has been allowed to keep her crown by pageant co-owner Donald Trump. She's agreed to go to rehab after accusations surfaced of underage drinking in New York bars.

Nash says that if she had been in Conner's position, she would want a second chance and the benefit of the doubt.