Brother of Tim Eubanks Shares His Concern

Tim Eubanks is seen being led from the Nacogdoches County Courthouse following his arraignment. (KTRE News photo / Josh Ault)
Tim Eubanks is seen being led from the Nacogdoches County Courthouse following his arraignment. (KTRE News photo / Josh Ault)

Tim Eubanks is accused of strangling his wife, Tina, as well as three counts of child abandonment, and indecency with a child charges. During his court appearance on Wednesday, there was no family for him, but brothers, a son from a previous marriage, and elderly parents were with him in thought.

Scott Eubanks said by phone from Atlanta, Georgia, that the news is difficult for his parents to believe.   "They're very distraught, very concerned. They loved, of course Tim, and Tina, and all the kids. They're very hurt, just shocked," he said.

Scott said Tim would call his ailing parents at least several times a week. The last phone call to his mother, who suffers from lung disease, came the morning Tina died.   Scott said, "(Tim) said they had gotten into a fight, that he just went crazy, and was very upset, and said he had talked to the kids and he told her he loved her and he was sorry, and then he told her he was fading out and that's the last she heard of him."

Just a couple of months earlier, the parents had visited their son at his Nacogdoches home. The day after the murder, Christmas packages from the family they talk of so fondly arrived in the mail.  Scott expressed observations made by many others. "They were the classic family. They did everything together, and we just thought Tina -- everybody said and we agree -- was just a great mother."

They know now something was wrong. They've learned that Tim's medication for epileptic seizures had been strengthened following severe and frequent seizures during the last two weeks. They wonder if there's a connection. 

"We want to know why, and we have no other reason but to feel it is something medical; that the seizures and everything going with Tim," said Scott. Scott says his brother remains on seizure medication, and is hopeful jailers are watching him closely.

Scott says there's little he can do except make sure his brother has a proper defense. He's secured defense attorney John Heath Jr. for his brother. Heath said in court that Tim Eubanks was indigent, without a job, and foreclosure has begun on his house.

Scott Eubanks tells us that before last week's tragedy, Tim's 15-year-old son from a previous marriage was scheduled to fly down Saturday to spend Christmas with his father, Tina, and the children. "My nephew has spoken to the eldest son twice, and we sent word we were there for them, the kids, in any way possible, financially if needed, and when they felt the time was right, we would like to talk to them."   Scott Eubanks says his family is anxious to see them, but for now, want to give them time to grieve.

Scott Eubanks plans to come to Nacogdoches when his mother is well enough to travel, possibly in a few days. She insists on seeing her son during these difficult times.