Retailer Preparations

By Tashun Chism

With Christmas so close, there are still some people shopping for last minute gifts.

"We've been doing some along the way but still it's easy to get caught needing a few more things towards the end," said one shopper.

That's why many are expecting this weekend to be the busiest shopping days of the year, and retailers are doing all they can to prepare for the last minute rush.

"We're definitely trying to stay overstaffed as much as possible so we can have good coverage, and definitely knowledgable staff to help customers make the right decisions for their Christmas purchases," said one sales associate.

The hottest items this year are the Playstation 3 and the Nintendo Wii video game systems. Many stores are already sold out, while their availability at others is extremely limited.

"Usually they come four, six at a time and we just put them on the floor and they sale."

Retailers say if you want first pick of whatever is left this holiday weekend, you should get out as early as possible to beat the last minute rush.