Rare Alligator Missing From Ellen Trout Zoo

by Larry Little

Zoo Director Gorden Hendley says it's possible someone may have climbed over a wall to steal the endangered crocodilian that is small in size, but worth thousands of dollars. Thursday, zoo workers spent most of the day searching for a missing, rare Chinese Alligator.   During a head count, workers noticed the alligator was missing.  The staff at Ellen Trout Zoo in Lufkin reported the theft to Lufkin police.

It is believed the 3 foot Chinese Alligator was stolen from an open air exhibit at the zoo.   The same open air exhibit contained four other alligators that were not taken.    According to Celia Falzone, the exhibit coordinator, the Chinese Alligator is one of the rarest alligators on earth. It approximately 3 feet long and capable of causing great harm if it bites a person.

If you have any information about the missing Chinese Alligator, called the Lufkin Police Department at 936-633-0356.