Lufkin Police Report - 12/22/06

THEFT:  200 block of Trailwood Cir.  A woman reported that her adult son stole money from her wallet early Friday morning.

THEFT:  600 block of Bonner.  A clothes dryer was stolen off the back porch of a residence some Thursday.

ROBBERY:  3061 S. John Redditt Dr. (K-Mart).  A K-Mart loss prevention employee received a bloody lip during a struggle with a suspected shoplifter Thursday evening.  The employee reported that he approached a male whom he had seen steal a telephone from the store and tried to detain him for police.  The man hit the employee in the face during the subsequent struggle.  Danny Ross was arrested at the scene and booked in the Angelina County jail on a robbery charge.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:   2500 Daniel McCall Dr. (Wal-Mart).  Wal-Mart reported that someone passed two forged money orders on Tuesday December 19th.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A VEHICLE:  220 block of Bluebird.  A woman loaned her red Pontiac Grand Am to a friend to drive around the block and the friend never returned it.  The woman later heard from the man's family that the man may have taken the car to New Mexico.

FELONY / THEFT:  402 Zoo Dr.  Ellen Trout zoo officials reported a rare Chinese alligator missing from the open air display.  The alligator disappeared between Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning (click here to see related story).  There is no additional news on that case this morning.

ASSAULT:  3000 S. First St.  A man reported that he shoved another man off a curb and wanted to file assault charges when the man got up and hit him in the face Thursday morning.

ASSAULT:  2200 block of Palmore. A man reported that he was assaulted by the son of a woman who hired him to do yard work.  The man was raking the yard and, evidently, the son became angry because the woman hired the victim.  The suspect threw a screwdriver and hit the victim above the eye.  The victim required stitches.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:   1000 block of McGregor St.  A woman reported that a number of fraudulent checks had been passed in the Dallas area using her account information.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1400 block of Cimmarron.  Outdoor Christmas decorations were vandalized just after midnight Thursday morning.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  500 block of Calvin.  Four Hispanic males in a green Dodge Shadow were seen vandalizing outdoor Christmas decorations just after midnight Thursday. (Believed to be related to case above.)