DAV Helps East Texas Families

by Larry Little

This year has been financially difficult for C. W. And Patricia Tillar, so for Christmas there are no plans for exchanging gifts, but the family will have Christmas dinner, thanks to the Lufkin Disable American Veterans Chapter.

"They are really special and help people in need. They've helped us in the last three of four years. We really count on them," says Patricia Tillar.

"This is what we are here for to service to the community and we are a service oriented organization. This is our way of giving to the community every year," says Priscilla Dupree.

Friday afternoon the DAV Chapter members spent the day packing Christmas dinner boxes for East Texas families in need and even making home deliveries of some Christmas boxes.

Organizers say they are overwhelmed with joy knowing they are helping the community. "I wish we could do more, more and more. That's what we are in business to do. People think we have bingo and we keep money but we don't, we spread it around and share it. There is no better feeling we love it," says DAV member, Teresa Johniken.

The DAV gave Christmas dinner boxes to nearly 100 families.