A Generous Community

For several days now, Salvation Army volunteers have been ringing bells at area stores, hoping to raise money to help East Texans in need.

"Overall, it's gone very well. We are running a little bit ahead of where we were last year, which is encouraging and exciting. I still wish we could have had a few more volunteer groups, but that's something we can build on for next year and have an even greater impact during the Christmas season," says Salvation Army Captain Hank Harwell.

This Christmas, more than 2,800 families will have a Merry Christmas thanks to donations made to the Salvation Army.  "We feel very good about that. We reach out to people who have a need, in general. These may not be people you think of as needy, but they still have a need," says Harwell.

On this last day of bell ringing, Captain Harwell says folks in Angelina County should be proud they made a difference in lives of those less fortunate.

"We are very humbled by the generosity we have experienced from the folks in Angelina County. We are just very appreciative and giving this community is," says Harwell.