Downtown Merchants Busy with Holiday Shoppers

Sunday afternoon, East Texans weathered the storm to wrap up their last minute Christmas shopping at retail stores, but downtown Lufkin was not as busy. It pretty much looked like a ghost town, and most of the merchants were closed.

Linda Poland owns Harmonies, a downtown shop that offers unique items from around the world.  "It's been good for several days this season. I have had one or more people in here most of the day, but never have we been inundated like the people in the malls and other stores," says Poland.

Despite the lack of traffic this holiday season in downtown Lufkin, Linda says she doesn't have any regrets about the location of her business, and she's sure business traffic will pick up. "In two or three years you'll have to walk down a crowded sidewalk to shop in downtown Lufkin -- at least, that's what we are hoping for," says Poland.

Downtown merchants believe a national chain store or restaurant will attract more East Texans.