Cinema Prepares for Christmas Rush

by Tashun Chism

Movie theaters are one of the few places known to stay open on Christmas, and the Carmike Cinema in Nacogdoches is no exception. Many people think there's nothing like going out to the movies with the family and watching a good movie, espcially for the holidays. There were a few customers who bought tickets during the day and, despite having to work for the holidays, Carmike employees were glad to serve them.

"For me, it wasn't a problem coming in. I was happy coming in, and I really enjoy it, even though it's Christmas and I'm not with my family. I have family here. I have my co-workers in here. I have kids coming in here, and they'll all be happy. To me, it's like I'm at home," said one Carmike Cinema employee. "Working is working. I'm here working for the patrons to watch a good movie and enjoy their time with their families."

Carmike employees say, with the number of new movies that came out this Christmas, they expected to get even busier. So, they prepared for the evening rush by making plenty of popcorn and stocking plenty of cups and napkins. And they were hoping that all their hard work on Christmas day would be rewarded by the number of tickets they sold tonight on Christmas night.