Lufkin Police Report - 12/27/06

ASSAULT:  600 block of Newsom St.  A woman reported that she was punched in the stomach by another woman when the two got into an argument Tuesday evening.

THEFT:  4600 S. Medford Dr. (Lufkin Mall).  A woman forgot her wallet at a shop in the mall Tuesday evening and returned a few minutes later to get it and the wallet was gone.

THEFT:  2402 S. First St. (Burger King).  A customer forgot a purse in Burger King and employees found it and placed it behind the counter after notifying the customer to come get the purse.  Before the customer came back for it, an employee stole the purse.  Management found the purse in the women's restroom trash and returned it to the owner.  The theft was captured on surveillance video. Charges are pending.

ASSAULT:  100 block of Champions Dr.  A woman reported that her ex-husband scratched her hand during a physical altercation Tuesday morning.

BURGLARY:  1300 block of N. Timberland Dr. A stereo was stolen from an unsecured vehicle on a car lot over the weekend.

THEFT:  1203 S. Chestnut Dr. (Okay Food Store).  A woman laid her wallet down in the Okay food store Monday evening and forgot it.  It was gone when she called the store to inquire about it.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  600 block of Humason St. Two boys broke out a window on a vacant house with a soccer ball Tuesday afternoon.  The boys were seen entering the house and found walking away from the scene.  Nothing appeared to be missing and the owner was contacted and said they would check the residence at a later time.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:  2100 block of S. First St.  A woman reported that an unknown person had forged a check on her account to buy a laptop computer at a store in Louisiana.  The woman didn't know the person whose name was signed on the check.

THEFT:  400 block of E. Laurel.  A three-wheeled bicycle was stolen from the yard of a residence Monday or Tuesday.  The cycle had a basket on the back.

THEFT:  2500 Daniel McCall Dr. (Wal-Mart).  A woman lost her purse and believes she left it at Wal-Mart Saturday evening.  It had not been turned in when she called the store.

THEFT:  100 block of Wilma.  A woman reported that some cash was stolen from her purse when her vehicle had been repossessed with the purse inside.

THEFT:  1200 block of Myrna.  A mailbox painted like a black and white Holstein cow was stolen sometime Tuesday morning.

ASSAULT:  200 block of S. Timberland Dr.  An employee reported that a store manager picked her up and put her on a table top and wrapped her legs around his waist against her wishes Sunday evening.  The victim showed bruises on the back of her legs that occurred during the unwanted advance.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING:  734 S. Timberland Dr. (Big Lots).  Burglary was reported Christmas morning.  Unknown person(s) broke out a front window on Big Lots and stole several boxes of Velveeta cheese and Rice Krispie treats.