Lufkin Police Report - 01/03/07

THEFT:  500 block of Cousart St.  A Craftsman air compressor was stolen from an open garage just after 3a.m. this morning.

BURGLARY OF A BUILDING:  905 N. Raguet St. (S&V Warehouses).  Several locks were cut off storage units over the holiday weekend and it's unknown at this point f anything is missing.

DOMESTIC DISTURBANCE:  100 block of Englewood Dr.  A woman reported that her boyfriend hit her in the face during an argument Tuesday evening.  The woman had no visible injuries and the male was not located.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  3501 S. Medford Dr.  A woman reported that her car was "keyed" Tuesday afternoon while she was in Lowe's.  A two-foot long scratch down to the bare metal was found on the back door.

BURGLARY:  205 block of Jack St.  Several items of clothing were stolen from a home Tuesday.  A male in a dark car was seen leaving the house carrying a box Tuesday morning.

BURGLARY:  500 block of Park St.  A roof-mounted DVD player was stolen from an unsecured vehicle sometime Monday night.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  1809 W. Frank Ave. (Little Caesar's Pizza).  A fired employee threatened harm to the Little Caesar's Pizza manager when the employee was terminated.  The employee became irate and the manager threatened to call police.  The man then threatened to hurt the manager if he called police.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING: 1400 block of S. John Redditt Dr.  A couple reported that some checks were stolen from their home in a burglary and one check was forged and passed at a credit union and another was forged and a male tried to pass it at a local service station, but they declined to cash that check. 

FRAUD:  1300 block of John Redditt Dr.  A couple reported that they were swindled out of $36,000 in what they felt was a fraudulent real estate transaction.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF:  1000 block of Ellis Ave.  A woman reported that he car door was scratched by unknown person sometime Tuesday morning while she was visiting friends at the hospital.

TERRORISTIC THREAT:  100 block of Kirksey.  A woman reported receiving a threatening phone call from her boyfriend Tuesday.

BURGLARY:   500 block of Dogwood.  A roof mounted DVD player was stolen from an unsecured vehicle sometime Monday night.

FORGERY / COUNTERFEITING:  1400 block of S. John Redditt Dr.  A woman reported that two unauthorized charges were made on her debit card in Huffman and Rusk.  The woman used the card to place a deposit on a buggy rental in Canton over the weekend and thinks someone there may have used her information to make the charges.

BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE:  4000 block of  S. Medford Dr.  An 18-wheeler was broken into Monday or Tuesday and a TV, VCR, power inverter, CB radio, and chains were stolen.

THEFT:  1919 S. First St. (Red Lobster).  A Red Lobster employee reported her purse stolen.  The purse was stored behind the greeter's podium at the front of the restaurant and was gone when the restaurant closed.

VIOLATION OF A PROTECTIVE ORDER:  100 block of N. John Redditt Dr.  A woman reported that a man she has a protective order against drove through the parking lot of her workplace and stopped and glared at her.  The order prohibits the man from coming near her workplace.  

VIOLATION OF A PROTECTIVE ORDER:  1400 block of S. John Redditt Dr.  A woman was seen by family members with a man that the woman has a protective order against.  The family wanted the man arrested but officers could not locate the suspect or the protected woman.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS:  1300 block of Abney St.  known suspect was seen at a washateria that he has been previously warned to stay away from.  Warrant for trespassing requested.

THEFT:  1700 block of Martin Luther King.  A woman reported that a houseguest left and took a portable radio/tape player with him without permission.