No Using Cell Phone While Driving??

by Larry Little

It wasn't difficult to spot drivers using their cell phones at a busy intersection in Lufkin Wednesday afternoon, but a proposed bill could ban cell phone use while driving. Some East Texans welcome the legislation.

"I think it's a good idea because half of these people can't drive without using a cell phone. I mean, it creates more accidents," says Karen Cooley.

"I wouldn't support using a cell phone while driving because I believe it's dangerous to drive and use a cell phone. I believe it causes accidents," says Randal Abshire.

John Vaughn, a cell phone retailer, disagrees. "Personally, I think if you want to be able to use your phone while going down the road, you should be able to," says Vaughn. He believes talking on a cell phone is no different than having a passenger talking to the driver.

State Representative Jim McReynolds will vote on bill in the upcoming legislature. "We would have to hear this legislation very carefully, and then it would take a consensus of us to get that bill out of the house. It has been the will of the legislature for the past years for that bill not to passed," says Rep. Jim McReynolds.

Vaughn believes if a bill prohibiting cell phone use while driving does pass, if will be difficult to enforce.