New Year's Baby A Surprise

by Josh Ault

2007 has been busy for Scott and Amber Ginn of Timpson.  They are the proud parents of the first baby of the new year in Nacogdoches!

Say hello to Sara Rose Ginn!

Amber says this baby was a surprise. "I found out the day after Mother's Day that I was pregnant.  I wasn't really expecting it. My friend had a stomach virus, so I thought that was what was wrong with me," said the new mother.

Amber went into labor at 1 a.m. Monday morning and delivered at 11:52 a.m.

Amber says, "I just love her. I love her. It's definitely worth it -- the pain -- definitely worth it!

Being born on the first day of the year is unusual, but there is more. This is how Scott described the birth: "Different! It's her birthday and everything, and I have two birthdays on the same day."

That's right, it's not only Sara's birthday, but also her mom's, great-great grandmother's, and a cousin's.

The Ginn family has only been in Timpson for three weeks. They just moved to the area from Georgia.  With the move, holidays, and birth, it has been hectic.

"I just put faith in God. That is the only way.  I honestly couldn't have handled it without him.  I would have not made it," Amber said.